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How do urban school leaders make necessary changes?

Leading Change: Welcome

McAdams, D.R., & Katzir, D. (2013). Harvard Education Press.

The Redesign of Urban School Systems provides a uniquely valuable resource for anyone involved in preparing education leaders for the political and practical realities of district-based school reform.

Portin, B. et al. (2015). The Wallace Foundation

This report examines the results of a national study of urban school leaders’ work. In 15 schools located in four contrasting districts, we pursued an intensive qualitative study of school leaders—both those with supervisory authority (principals, assistant principals, department heads) and their nonsupervisory counterparts (teacher leaders)—and their efforts to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Our goal was to discover lessons and images of possibility for schools, and for those who support the work of educators in schools, concerning the ways that leadership can be focused on the learning of students, staff, and the entire school community.

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