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Engages in research, development, dissemination, and policy advocacy to disrupt the systemic inequality that affects the lives of Pk-12 urban students and to improve the educational outcomes and life opportunities of PK-12 urban school students locally and throughout the world.

We are researchers, developers, and policy advocates with expertise in educational leadership, organizational/leadership development, continuous improvement and equity/social justice. We are driven to use our expertise and passion to IMPACT the lives of PK-12 urban students locally and throughout the world. Independently and in collaboration with other research/development organizations, CUEL has secured over 16M to fuel a broad assortment of research and development projects. In collaboration with UIC’s Ed.D. program, CUEL has been recognized for its expertise with continuous improvement by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement in Teaching.

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Lasting Impact

The mission of NCUEA is to promote and advance quality public education in urban schools by empowering and supporting local associations, leaders, and members. In carrying out this mission, NCUEA focuses on the following areas:

  • United voice for urban education

  • Promotion of and advocacy for local associations

  • Partnership with NEA

  • Partnerships with education-focused organizations

  • Training for local urban leaders

  • Human and civil rights for all

  • Celebration of diversity

  • Communication among local associations

  • Staff/Leadership relationships

  • Quality working conditions



The NUA’s mission is to substantiate an irrefutable belief in the capacity of all public school children to achieve the high intellectual performances demanded by our ever changing global community.

The National Urban Alliance (NUA) was founded at Columbia University’s Teachers College and The College Board with a focus on teacher practice and equity consciousness through the professional development of whole schools and whole districts. NUA’s hands-on approach is based on Yvette Jackson’s Pedagogy of Confidence (PoC) framework of seven High Operational Practices. Using these practices enables educators to elicit high intellectual performance and amplify student voice for self direction and self actualization. Our mission is as relevant today as it was when NUA began in 1989. NUA’s Scholars and Mentors currently collaborate with districts in Professional Learning Cycles using a hybrid approach to maximize our signature in-person capacity with virtual wrap-around support.

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The Urban Education Institute bridges education research and practice to foster greater equity and excellence in public schooling.

Across four units, UEI conducts rigorous applied research, trains teachers and school leaders, operates a preK-12 public school, and provides research-based tools and resources to schools in 62 major cities across 34 states. Together, UEI's units produce research- and practice-based knowledge on what matters most for school improvement and student success.



Our mission is to foster equity and improvements in learning and enrichment for young people, and in the arts for everyone.

Our mission is to foster equity and improvements in learning and enrichment for young people, and in the arts for everyone.

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